Hi, everyone!  I do apologize for the lack of the long absence.
I was actually hiding away in the tropical paradise in Southeast Asia.

Elnido, Spanish for ''the nest'' is the place I had longingly dreamt of.
Located in the westside of Phillippines, off the coast islands are only
accessible by boats.
Limestone cliffs that form a Karst backdrop, inlets, clear water,
coral beach, and jungles are found there.

The villas along the shore command this beautiful seascapes 24 hours a day
and enable you to dive whenever you want.
This place was for me the best resort destination ever!

dress: Mike Gonzalez
necklace: etsy finds(from this shop)
earrings: Gorjana
bangle: Oscar de la Renta(similar here)
sandals: Jimmy Choo




There are quite many positive points of short-bob style.

As I mentioned it was a big leap for me to have my hair cut short,
but I found that I'm picking up feminine dresses more than before.
I do love the style mix of feminine&mannish elements.
Now I'm thinking to try maxi dresses I've hesitated to choose.

dress: Valentino(similar here)
bracelet: Oscar de lar Renta(similar here)
ring: asos(old)
clutch: Bruno Magli(also love this pair!)



Mixing bold patterns is always challenging but fun.
I never ever want to look poppy&ditsy, so the point that anchors each item is
quite important. In this look the bold lines of the top and the skirt, the jacket and
the strings of sandals have similarity in colors. And the embellishment around
the collar technically flows onto the beads of the skirt.

Picking out outfits takes time every morning though, I do love the process and know these steps will nourish my senses little by little.

jacket: Tory burch(here)
skirt: Dries Van Noten(here)
earring: Mayu
bag: Givenchy
sandals: Blond Ambition(color option here)



Let me share a new crop from this season!
I do love this stunner ''off-the-sholder top'' that makes the look outright sleek and sexy.
To tell you the truth, I've been working out at a gym for gaining muscle
around blade shoulders. Well, it's still on the way, I've got to do more!

top: Elendeek(here/similar here)
skirt: zara(similar here)
earrings: Argento Vivo(here on sale!)
sandals: asos(smilar here)



My new house has aesthetic senses old and new.
I was inspired by the pictures of old farmhouses or just crumbling remains.
They reflected my eyes as beautiful scenes in movies and I adored those views.
Probably I was tired of modern designs spread in cities like Tokyo and
desperately eager to have the air that brought me earthy vive.

dress: THE Dallas(here)
scarf: Christian Dior(Mum's)
hat: Sensi Studio(here)
necklace: En Inde
bangle: asos(old)
bag: Aula Aila(old/similar here)
shoes: zara(old/similar here)



As I'm a big fan of red, I was like standing in awe when found this watch.
Seeing triplicate chain ''C'est beau'' with crimson red leather ''C'est très beau!''
and flawless metal parts ''C'est très très beau!''......I got nailed.
I calculated not the price but how long I can use, then decided to take a splurge.
That reminded me of the first diamond earrings I bought for myself long long time ago.

top: styling(here/similar here)
pants: Stunning Lure(old)
necklace: no brand
watch: Chanel(here)
shoes: Valentino(similar here)



The updated hairstyle was something that brought me trials for
choosing outfits. Fun but a bit hard.
Wide denim pants are what I found perfect for my short bob style.
When putting an oversized bottom on, the tip to make the look simply stylish
is how you would compact the size at the top. The tip also has a frame-lengthening effect!

jacket: MSGM(here)
top: Forte Forte(here)
pants: The Dallas(here)
bracelet: Lele Sadoughi(here)
iphone case: Valentino Rockstud
clutch: bought in Italy
sandals: Lilicious(here)